The Caveman Calculator

While searching for an RPN calculator widget, I found The Caveman’s Calculator. It’s a slide rule!

“Download it now and rediscover the lost art and fun while impressing (or perhaps losing) your friends.”

Recently, my Dad gave me a couple of slide rules. I just can’t throw them away. They’re very cool.


No School for Cough-y Boy

J is home from school, today. He had a hard time sleeping through the night for the second night in a row. Coughed and coughed. It didn’t wake him up, but he never acheived a deep sleep. Yesterday, he was wiped when we got up for school. So after another night of coughing, we decided that he would be better off not going to school.

Every year, when the seasons change from Summer to Fall, or Winter to Spring, his breathing is affected. He always seems short of breath. When it’s worse, his coughs squeak, and it sounds like he has some fluid in his lungs. In the evenings, he starts to have a dry cough. Sometimes it’ll be a series of coughs, with several minutes between coughs. Sometimes it gets worse, and there’s only a few seconds between a cough.

It doesn’t really slow him down. He says he feels fine. (which is good. He doesn’t see this as “being sick.”)

We’ve been dealing with this for the past 5 or 6 years, and we finally feel like we know what’s going on, and this no need to panic. Just have him do a treatment, and watch.