The Beginning of the Mound

You can see the chairs in the back yard

Baseball season is starting up and I was searching for the location of our practice field. It happened to be near our house. Since I was “in the neighborhood,” I decided to scroll over to see what our house looked like.

Based on the arrangement of the table on hte back porch, this photo was taken two summers ago.

That also means that those light patches you see in our front yard mark where The Boy & I stood when playing catch.

This captures the summer before the year he actually joined a “real” baseball team. We would stand on either side of the driveway and toss the ball back and forth.

As this was a new activity for us, and accuracy was still an issue, I stood just on one side of the driveway. (I’m the upper light spot). The Boy stood across the driveway (his is the smaller light-spot, near the red car).

Nowdays, I’m under the tree, and The Boy either pitches from the same spot, or does diving catches a little south of the driveway. (towards the bottom of the picture).


UNIX network performance analysis

Troubleshooting the Network--Check it out at Flickr

As I’ve mentioned before, our network at NAYA is busy. Dealing with network issues is one of our biggest headaches.

The students are doing their quarterly standards-testing. And once again, network traffic looks like it might be an issue.

This article, UNIX network performance analysis, came over Twitter as I was scarfing some gumbo between troubleshooting sessions.

Some good, basic tips for analyzing your network.

I also found a podcast, The Root Cause, which talks about system admin issues. I’m loading it up on my iPod shuffle. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Samsung SSD Awesomeness

We’re talking about solid state hard drives at work and I remembered this video.

I like the style of the video, as well as the content. A good example of using new media channels to advertise. This commercial was never put on TV (to my knowledge) and was only released “to the ‘Nets.”

It works on many levels. The demographic for this product will have all the easy-sharing tools at hand; YouTube, blogs, email, Hi-speed connection.

It’s an impressive demonstration of the technology.

Crafty Samsung. Very crafty!