Practical, Visual, Three-Dimensional Pedagogy for Internet Protocol Packet Header Control Fields (via Righteous IT)

One of the things that I really like about this, is that it helps to illustrate an arcane topic. In the past, I’ve seen people’s eyes glaze over when I start to explain TCP/IP. (Makes you want to hang out with me at parties, huh?)

This is a clever way to help show the different parts of an ingenious invention. Coolness.

Practical, Visual, Three-Dimensional Pedagogy for Internet Protocol Packet Header Control Fields Hal Pomeranz, Deer Run Associates Tell me what this is: If you said, "Hey! That's a TCP header diagram in Lego(TM)", or perhaps, "Holy &^%@! That idiot made a TCP header diagram in Lego(TM)!", then you're exactly right!  This is another one of those wild, wacky ideas that we dreamed up in the middle of one of my SANS classes (note to the S … Read More

via Righteous IT


Adjusting My Sysadmin Hat

Today was pretty busy from the get-go. My compadre was off today, so I was flying solo. I had to setup (and tear down) the sound system for a couple of events (thankfully, I was able to call on the Facilities guys to help with the speakers).

Sound by Fry Bread

The sound system is a weak area for me, so it always makes me nervous. But the more I do this, the better. Although, today, there was no fry bread. (the photo, above, is from when I was running sound for our powwow)

I’ve been dealing with some login weirdness all day, too. (Seemingly) Random drives dropping off of people’s machines. Hmmm…

But, now, as the day comes towards the end, I have some time to look at a couple of our servers that we’re using for an internal project.

InfoBoard Success!
InfoBoard Testing

We had a little blip in our power today, and it knocked one of the two servers down. I was able to bring it back up, but it took more time than I thought it should have. Also, everytime I fiddle with either of these machines, I think “I need to do a better job of managing their power usage and also remote admin stuff.”

I can ssh into one of them, the other machine, I can only use VNC into it.

In the process of checking out ways to manage power, I’ve found a couple of good resources. One is Lots of tech sites have become cluttered messes. ServerFault is clean, with a nice signal-to-noise ratio. Lessee what happens…