IT Display PC

Ted is setting up one of the custom case PCs that had been set up for FreeNAS. He’s installing W7.

It will be connected to the big TV in the IT Office.

This will enable us to put a PC on the big screen.

  • This will have Windows 7
  • MS Office
  • Itunes
  • Windows Media
  • Adobe Reader
  • Bookmark the Merakis

Print Spooler Keeps Stopping

Note: The solution, outlined, below, resolved the problem. I had to log into her machine with my credentials to make the changes. Even if I supplied my credentials while she was logged in, it would not let me restart the spooler.


Ashley reported that she didn’t have any printers

I visited her desk, and that was true. (Surprising, because she had them in the past).

I looked at the Print Spooler service, and it was not running.

I restarted, and printers appeared.

Ashely tried to print, and no printers appeared in her list.

The spooler had stopped again.

Found several suggestions:

Unplug the HP at her desk, and perform the following:

I was having the same issue with a Dell system (Windows 7) and HP printer, Arthurs steps ABOVE fixed the issue. The directory is hidden so if you are not displaying hidden system folders than you should just copy and paste this path into windows explorer: “C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS” delete any files in this directory, then unplug the printer, restart the print spooler service and plug the printer back in. Worked like a charm for me. Thanks ARTHUR!

Check for the spooler whether it’s turn on in services
1.       Start > Start Search > services.msc
2.       If spooler is not on, turn it on. If after turn on, it turn off automatically, proceed to step 3, if can turn on go to step 4
3.       Start > Start Search > C:\Windows\System32\spoolsv.exe (Right click > Properties)
4.       Click on Security Tab > Advanced > Owner. Take ownership of the file and give full permission to the file. Once done, close everything and try to start the service again.
5.       Start > Start Search > cmd (Run as Admin)
6.       del /Q C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS\*.* > Press Enter
7.       Once done, try to start the spooler in Services

I finally got my spooler problem solved. Restarting spooler services does no good on its own, finding the underlying cause is the trick. I deleted the files in these two folders:
c:\windows\system32\spooler\printers  and
Then I removed the USB cable on each for 2-3 seconds and reinstalled. Then I restared spooler services and viola–all printers now work. It only took 2 hours of research and trial and error. The one thing I did that may have helped was one suggestion to change the ownership of the file as outlined by Freak05 in a post above. Could be a combination of these steps ultimately fixed the problem.

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Troubleshooting a MacBook keyboard

I’ve noticed that one of the teachers always uses an external keyboard with her MacBook.

I thought she was being particular, but then someone mentioned that some of her keys don’t work.

I’ve met with this teacher multiple times, about other subjects, and she never mentioned this. Yes, I know I’m busy, but you can tell me about it. I may not be able to act immediately, but I’ll add it to my To Do list. 

I know she is being considerate of my time (she sees me running around all over the place), but I’d rather know about it than have her dealing with a broken thing.

It’s possible that it is an easy fix. 

I did stop by and blow out the keyboard. That helped a few keys.

But there are still a couple that aren’t responding.

I found a support article over at Apple with some good keyboard troubleshooting tips.

Raspberry Pi Revives a Wasp

I just plugged the WASP WCS3905 bar code reader into a Raspberry Pi that I have at my desk.

A few seconds later, I heard the handheld device beep. I didn’t have to install any drivers or other software.

I launched the built-in text editor, Leafpad. Then, I aimed the bar code reader at a bar code. BEEP! The serial number on the box appeared in the text document!

The WCS3905 had been used with our inventory system. But, the inventory laptop crashed about a year or so ago, and it’s been just gathering dust.

I’m trying to get a better hold of all the tech that goes through my office, to be more organized, accountable. This will be a huge boon for me. I can now start scanning hardware as it comes in, capturing information quickly.

I’ve been thinking about building a little inventory control database, and this will be a great part of that.