The Mac at 25 – interview with Andy Hertzfeld

I’m grabbing this link from the Guardian.

The Mac at 25 – interview with Andy Hertzfeld

I’ve been a big fan of Andy for the longest time, not including the past 25 years of Mac usage.

If you’re a Mac fan, you should check out Andy’s site,, which is a wonderful collection of anecdotes on the development of the Mac.


Per-Song iTunes Plus Upgrades Now Available

Great news! Apple will now allow you to choose the songs you want to update to iTunes Plus!

There’s more info at Ars Technica — Per-Song iTunes Plus Upgrades Now Available.

At 30¢ a song, I think it’s a good deal. In the past, I’ve upgraded my songs whenever possible, Once a month I’d check to see if I had any songs that were eligible, and if they were, I’d upgrade. A few cents here, a buck there. Nothing too much.

After the announcement at the latest Macworld, I went to upgrade my songs. It turned out that it was going to cost me $50! I can afford $10, but $50’s a bit much for me, right now. I did not realize that I had so many iTunes purchases. (that’s X songs, FYI)

There are some songs in there where I’d really like to have them at 256K, but there are some where it’d be nice, but not so important.

I think I see some iTunes browsing in my future…

(Thanx to Daring Fireball)