The ‘Net is Back!


I just revived my home network! A power outage last week borked an access point in the front of the house.

This meant that half of the devices in the house could not “see” the ‘Net. This included the AppleTV, which meant we were Netflix-less. (Just as I’m starting to sell its virtues to the rest of the family.)

That also meant that there was almost no wifi signal in the front of the house. Which not only sucked because I couldn’t get on the ‘Net, but, I also couldn’t control the AppleTV, which meant we couldn’t stream any of our music or videos or photos. It drove me
crazy all weekend, since I kept fiddling, but I couldn’t get it to work. Eventually, I had to reset the access point, and re-configure it. And now it works!

Time for bed–Hey look at the time!

Update: Just as I was going to publish this, I saw that it was 1:11 on Jan 11, 2011. (1:11 1/11/11). But as I hit the Publish button, it failed. It took me a few minutes to re-authorize this iPod, bit the moment passed. Sigh. Time for bed!