Is That Your Music?

I had a dream last night.

I was at the Canadian border and the border guard came to my window. It was a cold night. I could see his breath as he approached.

I rolled down my window and he bent down and asked “Is that your music?”

What? What did he mean? I was expecting him to ask me about any produce or contraband.

But now, with the window down, I could hear the music. It was familiar. I heard loud guitar riffs, zipping along, drums hammering. Was that… Scatterbrain?

Scatterbrain was a great band

At that time, I woke up and realized that I had fallen asleep with my iPod shuffle playing.


Apple Makes Me Laugh…Again

We recently added an AppleTV to our home entertainment setup. I love it. It solves multiple problems we have encountered with our “home media experience.”

Our CD collection used to be right next to our CD player. It was easy to browse and select something to play. Our collection now has almost 2000 CDs and they’re now in a room at the other end of the house.

It’s really cramped the music listening. As a result, we don’t listen to our music as much. We listen to the radio (which, in my opinion is not always desirable)

Another thing, we have thousands of photos. But we only have a few dozen printed out and on display.

The AppleTV has made it easy to browse our collection of music, photographs, and movies. And it’s done it without adding (a) stacks of discs to our living room, or (b) lots of big electronic boxes to our living room decor. (not that I’d mind, but I’m not the only one who lives here.)

As much as I dislike most traditional radio stations, I love the medium. So, I’m turning to internet-based stations. On my desktop computer, which is in the office, at the back of the house, I can use iTunes to browse and listen to tons of great stations.

I know that there are others in my house that are turned off by the list of hundreds of stations. So I created a playlist of about a dozen internet radio stations in iTunes. I was a bit irked when it didn’t appear in my list of playlists on the AppleTV.

But, just now, I went to the radio section of AppleTV and at the top of the list of genres, is my playlist! It made me laugh! I love it!