Why would Apple release a 10.5″ iPad?

I’m saving up for my next iPad. I’m 99% certain that I’m going to get a 9.7” Pro.

For the past year, I’ve been using an iPad mini 2, and I really like it. I could do a lot of my work on a mini. Before the mini, I had used a 9.7” for a couple years. It was indispensable for what I do (mainly tech support, photography).

When I first started using the mini, I wasn’t sure if it would work. I missed the real estate. My older eyes disliked the squinting.

But, now, about a year later, my 9.7” feels like a brick! (admittedly, my 9.7” is a 3rd gen, so it’s the 1st get Retina, and was just sluggish and heavy)

But, I’m thinking that my next will be a 9.7” Pro, because I want the speed and power of the pro line.

A 10.5” iPad, while bigger, might be a very appealing size. Two iPad mini’s? Yeah. I’d take that.

Why would Apple release a 10.5″ iPad?: “”

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