Troubleshooting a MacBook keyboard

I’ve noticed that one of the teachers always uses an external keyboard with her MacBook.

I thought she was being particular, but then someone mentioned that some of her keys don’t work.

I’ve met with this teacher multiple times, about other subjects, and she never mentioned this. Yes, I know I’m busy, but you can tell me about it. I may not be able to act immediately, but I’ll add it to my To Do list. 

I know she is being considerate of my time (she sees me running around all over the place), but I’d rather know about it than have her dealing with a broken thing.

It’s possible that it is an easy fix. 

I did stop by and blow out the keyboard. That helped a few keys.

But there are still a couple that aren’t responding.

I found a support article over at Apple with some good keyboard troubleshooting tips.


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