Hard to Find: iPod Docks with AM Radios

Topic – Here’s a list of ipod docks that I found over at Amazon. – The only requirements were that they have an AM/FM radio. They’re listed below, sorted by price. – It’s a mixed bag. Some are portable, some require that you be plugged in. Be sure to check the “iPod compatibility” some won’t charge the newer iPods (like the newest 4G nano, or iPhone, or iPod Touch (2G).

Click on the item’s name to go to Amazon. Be sure to click on the “Explore Similar Items” link on the page.

If you have any questions, lemme know!

* iLive Portable Boombox


* Memorex Mi3005BLK


* iLive IBCD2817


* iLuv i552


* Imation Boombox


* Sony ICFC1iPMK2


* Sony ZSS4IP


* Macally Flat-Panel Stereo System with AM/FM, Alarm Clock, and iPod Dock



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