Path Finder On Sale

One of my favorite programs is Cocoatech’s Path Finder.

Over the years, I’ve supported many users on Windows and Macintosh. Something I’ve noticed is that Mac users are more likely to fiddle with their file systems. That is, they spend more time organizing their files.

In general, I think that Mac people tend to be more spatial and/or visual, The Mac’s Finder (which is the program that you use to look through folders and launch programs) is more… uhmm…. trying not to start a flame war… better…. uhmmm… equipped with tools that aid in file management than Windows. With labels and breadcrumbs and various other little things that help a user know where they are. (I think this might become another post)

And Windows users throw everything into My Document, or more maddeningly, on the Desktop.

Anyways… what I’m trying to say, is that if you use the Finder a lot, you should definitely try Path Finder. It’s like a Finder on steroids.

Normally, it’s $40 — which, IMHO, is a great deal for something that you use every time you’re using your computer — and right now, it’s on sale. If you’re a student or teacher, you can get it for $24 (through Aug. 20). Or it’s $33 when you enter “TWEET33” when checking out through Path Finder’s integrated purchase system.

It has a 30 day trial, so give it a shot. You might thank me.


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