FYI, Old Tech Still Works

I’m currently lusting after a MacBook Air for my mobile life.

For the past 5-6 years, a laptop has been my main system. But I was recently blessed with an iMac, which has become my “main” machine.

Mostly, I use my iBook for browsing the ‘Net, and writing. My iBook is a 600MHz G3 with a 802.11b airport card.

But I must say, when listening to 128K radio streams or music from our music library (a TiBook that’s now our media server), it works great!

[UPDATE] As I re-read this few days later, I realize that I said that I’ve been using a laptop for the past 5-6 years, but I just remembered that before my TiBook, I was using a PowerBook 3400. As a freelancer, it was a great machine. And being mobile was efficient and freeing! I purchased my 3400 (200Mhz 603e) in ’98 or ’99. 10 years ago! Yikes!


One thought on “FYI, Old Tech Still Works

  1. Such a rebel – most people can’t seem to hold off on nabbing up the newest tech…especially when it comes to Apple’s shiny new products! (I am also guilty…though generally my Apple products seem to die after their 2-3 year lifecycle anyway)

    Keep the (old) dreams alive!

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